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Assassination is murder committed through treachery, or killings that target political, religious or social leaders. Assassination attempts go a long way back with politics in human history. In modern times, assassination is associated with political contests and insurgency campaigns. However, assassination attempts from delusional persons are a growing danger.

Political assassination is a rare crime in Australia. To date, there are only two assassination cases on the public record.

John Paul Newman was the first political assassination in Australia. He was a New South Wales legislative assembly member, for the seat of Cabramatta. For years Newman had been trying to break up immigrant-based crime gangs and corruption in his district.

Receiving assassination threats from the gangs, he still didn't seek the protection of police bodyguards. Newman was shot just putside his home. His erstwhile competitor for the district seat, Phuong Ngo, was convicted for ordering the assassination in 2001. Two years later, Phuong Ngo's appeal against his life sentence was denied.

The other assasination targeted Ivens Fran├žois "Toon" Buffett, a popular figure in Australia's External Territory of Norfolk Island. He was the Lands Minister and Deputy Chief Minister of Norfolk Island, and previously served a term as Chief Executive.

Buffett was shot dead like Newman, but the assassination was carried out in his office. His son was charged for the crime but was acquitted under an insanity plea, and is now kept in a New South Wales jail hospital.

There are several books available online and in bookstores that relate these assassinations in detail.

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